It is the reclamation of everything stolen from the original Peoples:

  • Land
  • Language
  • Ceremony
  • Food
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Governance
  • Medicines
  • Kinship

It is a relationship with Mother Earth that is symbiotic and just, where we have reclaimed stewardship.

It is bringing our People with us as we move towards liberation and embodied sovereignty through an organizing, political and narrative framework.

It is a long legacy of warriors and leaders who sacrificed freedom and life.

It is a catalyst for current generation organizers and centers the voices of those who represent our future.

It is recognizing that our struggle is interconnected with the struggles of all oppressed Peoples.

It is a future where Black reparations and Indigenous LANDBACK co-exist. Where BIPOC collective liberation is at the core.

It is acknowledging that only when Mother Earth is well, can we, her children, be well. It is our belonging to the land – because – we are the land.


LANDBACK Organizing Principles

  1. Don’t burn bridges: even when there is conflict between groups or organizers remember that we are fighting for all of our peoples and we will continue to be in community even after this battle
  2. Don’t defend our ways
  3. Organize to win
  4. Move from abundance – We come from a space of scarcity. We must work from a place of abundance
  5. We bring our people with us
  6. Deep relationships by attraction, not promotion
  7. Divest/invest
  8. We value our warriors
  9. Room for grace—be able to be human
  10. We cannot let our oppressors inhumanity take away from ours
  11. Strategy includes guidance
  12. Realness: Sometimes the truth hurts
  13. Unapologetic but keep it classy

You're all set!

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